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Bluetooth Streaming Audio Quality vs Tesla Spotify App

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I have a 3 month old M3 RWD with the poverty spec audio system (no sub)

I‘m pleased with the sound when I use the Tesla Spotify app via the center screen. Have noticed that when I stream audio from my iPhone 15 it is a very different sound. Even with a high quality stream, there is very little bass. I can use the EQ but even when I crank up the bass it’s nothing like the sound I get from Spotify.

I understand I have no sub on my car but the sound is really good for me with Spotify and so poor with BT streaming, is there anything I can do (other than install sub!)
I had the same observations as OP
What I did notice is older music (70s, 80s, 90s) on Spotify also does not sound as pure so I assumed this had to do with the sample bitrates

I tried downloading FLAC music to my phone and still had the same results so I thought perhaps there's a BT bitrate limit ? Just guessing.

I did not try putting the music on USB stick though, just got lazy
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