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BMW Starts Trial of Terberg 100% Electric Cargo Truck

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The Terberg electric truck has a range of 62 miles, which will satisfy BMW's needs for the trial:

Electric truck takes up delivery duties for BMW in Munich

An admittedly limited market, but this represents the agile / iterative view of the world. If you can satisfy such a restricted route with an electric vehicle, then there will be other similar daily routes that are a little bit longer that can be handled. And you iterate on that and get a little more range, and a few more routes open up.

And with enough range, you start being able to handle less well defined routes, but within a well defined daily limit.

It's a long ways away from the open highway and handling the bulk of US big rig transportation, but its steps like these that lead bit by to exactly that end result.

I get excited about every one of these sorts of things I read about - electric sailboat, electric truck. I got a 56v trimmer as a graduation gift - it's exciting to me to see how many of the yard maintenance tools can be made electric and handle decently sized lawns. And all of it represents a step, big or small, towards the ability to make use of renewably generated energy to fully run our energy intensive lifestyle.

I'm really looking forward to batteries making their way into farm tractors and similar machinery. I'd love to be able to run a hobby scale farm with purely electric tools and equipment - that'd be a big step towards a sustainable food creation cycle.
Really good to see this sort of thing - the predictability of many commercial hauling & transportation applications are a perfect use-case for electric mobility.
I'm surprised they opted to make the battery big enough to last for basically 5 days without charging in their given application (though one does wonder if the range cited is empty or full, and how much of a difference that makes). I imagine a truck like that will remain stationary for a while while loading/unloading so that would be a great time to top up the charge. Also wonder how much moneys they can save on operating cost given the vehicle gets very regular useage.
Altogether, though, it's a most exciting development.

[...]and both will be hoping it is a big success, because of the six figure investment each made in the project initially.
That's chump change for BMW, not sure abour Terberg
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