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Breast Cancer FUNraiser

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DrTaras, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. DrTaras

    DrTaras R254->R725->S1364-->X769

    Dec 2, 2007
    Woodland Hills, CA
    If you are on my e-mail list (old fashion, I know) then you've already gotten your fair-share of my pleas. Then I thought... why should my TMC friends be spared? So here goes nothing...
    1. In my FINAL plea (I can hear the applause now)...
      1. <-- Donate to the Cancer cause :redface:
    2. Our Revlon Run/Walk was the day before Mother's Day, Sat 5/7/11.
      1. The last day to donate is Friday 6/10/11.
    3. Out of 50,000 participants, through the kindness of your hearts and wallets, I am the #2 fundraiser thus far! Whilst that is an amazing feat, you've inspired me (thank you if you've already donated) to try and be #1!
      1. The #1 fundraiser, I've learnt, is the wife of a Hollywood agent who's list of donors show how she sky rocketed to $21,006 a month ago, but her numbers have not changed at all.
      2. I'm at $17K, with some checks on the way so I've upped my goal to $21,018!
      3. I'm not looking for any BIG donors, but rather a grass-roots approach hoping that if you have $5 or $10 (of course I won't say 'no' to a big donor) you'll take the leap of faith with your SECURE credit card donation to my sit & then click "Support Ian" on the mid-right side of that page. Please
    4. Our team of over 260 members had a great day & we are in 7th place amongst the fundraising tallies of the hundreds of teams but we are poised to take a top 5 spot!
      1. Team Taras bus rides in the morning
      2. Team Taras Photo
      3. Team Taras Taco Shop Stop
      [*]We've also had a bunch of press along the way:
      1. This Doctor Walks His Talk - Agoura Hills, CA Patch
      3. (Warner Center News)
        1. Actually we were front page on the 5/12/11 weekly edition, but they don't archive and I'm not sure how to find a link to a cached page.
        2. You may be able to download the front page here:
    Ian Taras, MD, GYN

    It's easy to form opinions. It's more difficult to be well-informed.
    1. PS: 2006 was a particularly difficult year in the "cancer" department for the Taras Tribe.
      1. My sister, Lorelle was tested & find out that she carries the BrCa GENE
        1. In her 30s, she underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy & had her ovaries out.
        2. Her chance of getting breast {85%} or ovarian {55%} cancer is now reduced to almost nil; this because of research dollars!
      2. I too found out in 2006 I have the gene & will be walking selfishly for my daughter!
      3. My Dad diagnosed in 2006 with colo-rectal cancer: 4 surgeries later he is on the mend!
        [*]At the time of my Mother's breast cancer in 1990, there was no test; she's alive and well.
      4. For my grandmother there was no test & she had NO chance against ovarian cancer!

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