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BT Streaming Broken on 2018.14.2?

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During the LTE outage yesterday I learned that my BT streaming also does not work. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Oreo and have no problem in any of my other cars. It will stream a second or less of audio and then pause. Restarting the song will only get another second or so of music before it pauses again. Does anyone else have this issue?
I have 14.2.
No such issue, except my music player is set to pause on connection/disconnect of devices, so it's best to press play on car display, rather than Android device.

Recent updates provided some of the new high quantity BT profiles. We all know how crappy Apple is when it comes to obeying standards. So your best bet may be to use a player that can force a specific connection type... And force it back to A2DP (If Apple allow for such control)
Ande: I have an Android so I don't have to worry about Apple's refusal to play well with others. Thank you for the suggestion however.

Everyone else: I tried to hit play on the console instead of the phone and had the same result. I will try again and report back tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the input.
I'm on 2018.14.2 and have not noticed any change in the BT streaming behaviour. The car does sometimes lose sight of the phone's media but it did this before the Tesla upgrade. When it does this, I can fix it by pressing play on the phone's music player or by disconnecting/reconnecting BT. (I never have problems with BT for telephone use - I can always make or receive calls)