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BTX5 Battery Versions

Hello all,

Thanks first all users for the knowledge shared in this forum. Impressive.

After a few years buying and testing a first EV (Renault Zoe, as a second "city" car) we are very satisfied and I am now looking to buy a Tesla S to replace the family car (3 kids).
I went through various sports cars in the past so I pretty like the combination practicality / driver pleasure offered by the Model S.

My question is the following:
Best compromise today for a Model S (at least in Europe) in terms of price / reliability / performance seems to be the 2017-2018 75Ds, which prices have decreased a lot.
100Ds remain hard to find.

However I have found little information on the BTX5 battery itself and its specifications evolution during the years.
Some of the 2016 first 75 batteries seem to have suffered from similar degradation than the 90 from the same period. Supercharging cap or degraded performance have also been reported.

Do the owners of 2017-2018 report similar issues? Are there been technical evolutions on these battery packs?
It seems that the BTX5 pack has also evolved over time.

I finally had the opportunity to buy a 100D from 2017 with 80 000 kilometers. Battery degradation 6%, with roughly 50% of supercharger use.
Let's see how this will evolve (my own use will be probably below 10% supercharge).
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