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Charge Limit Changing On Its Own

Hi all:

I own a 2021 Model 3 LR and hAve experienced some weird charge limit behavior recently. For a while now I have had my charge limit set to 50% and have had the car set to charge overnight if necessary. This has worked just fine until the past two weeks. I was out of the country and checked the app at one point, only to discover that the charge limit had changed to 85%, and that the car had, of course charged up to 85%. No one else had access to the car or could have changed the limit, so I just assumed that maybe I had inadvertently changed the limit myself. So I used the app to reset the limit to 50%.

A few days later I got another notification that the car had charged overnight. I assumed that maybe it had lost a percent and added that back overnight. I checked the app, only to discover that, once again, the charge limit was at 85%. This happened a couple of more times on my trip. When I got home, I checked the charge limit and it was set to 50% both inside the car and on the app, but last night it once again reset to 85%.

Has anyone else seen this behavior or have any idea what might be causing it? I’ll try rebooting the car next, but would love your thoughts and comments.

Thanks in advance.
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Since 85% is such a specific value, and is not the default the car itself uses, I'm thinking that a third party app or service might be doing it. If you have EVER even once, given a third party app access to the car, log into your Tesla account, revoke any tokens and change the password. See if that fixes the problem.
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