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CMU Charging Issue

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For the past month or so every time I charge my M3 using the CMU (which is the only source I have, using a 14-50 outlet) after about 2 hours there is a flashing red light that comes on the front of the unit. When I check the amp rating it goes from the normal 32 amps down to 12 amps. I don't usually try to charge every day just every other day. Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or is my CMU bad. Any advice is appreciated at this time.
I think “UMC” is what you’re looking for. Universal Mobile Connector.

Unfortunately we’re going to need more info to really be of much help.

what voltage does the car report at the beginning of the charge session? After it drops to 12 amps?
The car reports 32/32 and I think I was wrong with the 12 it is 16 amps.

I just checked the CMU with an infra therm and it is reading 98 degrees the out let is reading 91 degrees the garage temp is 90 degrees (Tucson still hasn't cooled down yet).
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