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Does the tesla app resume the level of amp charging from the last session?

It is supposed to remember the last charge rate at that location(or is it that particular charger, I can never remember which).

Note there seems to be two ways to interpret your question:

If you don't unplug the car from the charger for those few days, I'm pretty sure the rate will be remembered.

If you do unplug the car and go for a drive and replug, its supposed to remember, but is not super reliable. After a car reset or new firmware loaded into the car, you might find it starts charging at 32A again. If you know you don't (and won't) have the capacity for a 32A continuous draw, get a 14-30 outlet installed and avoid having to set it every time. Alternatively, get an HPWC and set it as if it has a 30A breaker. Another super-sleazy solution is to get a 14-50 to 14-30 adapter and then use the 14-30 adapter for the UMC.
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You answered it great thank you. I have it set up with a 6-20 now and 16 amps 240v seems fine for 16 miles an hour charging. I was thinking of adding a 14-50 for the 9 months of the year I don't run the AC. I don't run the AC overnight even in the summer but just to be safe. You're right though and I really only need a 14-30 outlet and it would be just fine. I noticed I charge a little faster than the stated amount so I'd probably get 24 miles an hour for the 14-30.