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Could charging my vehicle clear this battery fault?

Using the jump studs under the nose cone, per the Tesla how to document, connect a battery charger 10A max, until you can wake the car up and get the error codes.
This is the codes


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In case anyone wanted to know how this ended:

I got the car back from Recell in early May. They were indeed able to repair the pack, and the final cost was about the same as their estimate. They added on a $300 "vehicle inoperable surcharge" (why couldn't they have included that in the estimate?), but that was balanced out by the transportation costs being lower than predicted.

The vehicle drives just like it used to and its range is unchanged. The BMS page in Scan My Tesla looks normal too. I have not tested supercharging, but they provided photographic evidence of them supercharging it. There are only two minor issues that I have noticed:

1) The charge port door closed sensor is no longer accurate. Even when the charge port door is closed, the vehicle says it isn't. But applying additional pressure on the door with my hand makes it recognize that it is closed. I asked them and they said that it was like that when they got it. From some searching on these forums, other folks have had the same issue with this model year and the fix has been for Tesla to adjust the sensitivity in the software. I suspect the problem is due to me doing a factory reset during my troubleshooting and not anything that they did. The previous owner probably had the sensitivity adjusted and now that has been cleared. It doesn't affect functionality so I don't really care.

2) A couple times a warning has appeared saying "Vehicle coolant is low", but it disappears almost immediately. This might be a false positive, or it might indicate that some coolant was lost during repair process and Recell didn't top it off and now it's marginal. As long as the alert doesn't come on and stay on, I'm not going to worry about it.

Overall I'm happy that I went with Recell instead of taking Tesla's offer at ~50% more.
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