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CPU/Display constantly rebooting

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We got OTA update 2018.10.5 on Wednesday and have had no issues for the past few days. Tonight my wife was at a store and came out and had trouble getting the car unlocked. Eventually she got in, but after about 20 seconds the display went black and rebooted. After the reboot it would work for 30-60 seconds and then reboot. She called me in a panic and I went down to get her. After an hour the CPU was still restarting on its own. Sometimes it would stay on as long as 5 minutes, but no amount of manual rebooting or playing with settings would get it to stop. I spoke to Tesla roadside and they confirmed I could drive it home without a working display. The lights, blinkers, and all driving functions worked, but it was eerie driving at night with a black screen most of the time. No speedo or mirror adjustment or blinker feedback, but driving without the display is otherwise just fine.

Hopefully service can look at it tomorrow. The full CPU was already replaced about five weeks ago to get the FM radio working. Anyone else with 2018.10.5 having display issues? This seems like it might be more of a hardware issue, but we’ll see what they find. Firmware can do odd things.
Sorry to hear, sounds like a trip to SC required.

We’ve had some screen glitches, though nothing since 10.5

Presuming you did hard reboot? Both thumbwheels pressed with foot on brake and don’t release until you see the T (or about 20 seconds). Does sound like hw though :(