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2023.44.30.7 soft locked car

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As title really, currently waiting a tow but if anyone has anything to try would appreciate it!

Was running 2023. until this morning when it downloaded .7, drove to work after rebooting (as I always do after a software update) and noticed no data signal for the entire 30 min drive. Nothing unusual there as the change they made to the service provider late last year has caused me no end of signal issues, but never had it flat out not work for the whole drive before.

About 25 mins into the drive the screen goes blank, never had this happen before while driving and as I was in the outside lane doing 70mph in the dark and rain it was unsettling to say the least, but about 20 seconds later it goes back on. It also flicked off for a second or two a few mins later but nothing else happens.

Fast forward 8 hours and I'm leaving work, get in the car and... screen is dead. No worries I'll just reboot and... screen still dead. Now as music is still playing and bluetooth audio still functions I'm guessing the screen itself is actually fine just displaying nothing. So no worries I'll just pop it in drive and everything should still work, but wait, I have PIN to drive on!

After speaking to Tesla they remotely reset and reboot various things, but nothing, screen still dead. So now waiting for a tow and the promise of an Uber voucher to try and get home.

You'd think working in IT would give me a healthy scepticism for installing updates as soon as they're released but here we are I guess :D
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No way to turn off PIN to drive without using the touchscreen it would seem.

Annoyingly after looking through the threads in this section it seems some people were able to fix black screen issues by removing their USB from the glovebox, but I have a PIN on that too 😂
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Just tested and that actually worked! I wonder why the Tesla rep didn't tell me to do that?

Unfortunately due to it being illegal to drive a car in the UK without a working speedo all it really helps me do is load it onto the truck sadly.
Great! At least you know an emergency workaround. And, if you use a GPS app to get your speed, I expect a cop would be sympathetic.
@Beezli , in the phone app, under Security & Drivers, do you not have the PIN to drive switch that you can toggle on and off while not in the car?
@Beezli , in the phone app, under Security & Drivers, do you not have the PIN to drive switch that you can toggle on and off while not in the car?View attachment 1005505

Nope, don't have manage drivers either - maybe because it's a lease?

Cars at the service center now, rep said on the phone it will likely need an entire screen replacement which sounds a bit extreme but I'll see how it goes I guess.