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Customer Service/Purchasing Experience

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by OilSucks, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. OilSucks

    OilSucks Member

    May 29, 2017
    Northern California
    I am not trying to hate on Tesla as I am EXTREMELY excited about receiving my Model S in the next two weeks (hopefully!) but the level of customer service and pure confusion has hit an all time low as of today.

    To begin, I wasn't very impressed with my Owner Adviser. While she was a nice and attractive young lady, it seemed like she was just another car salesmen. One moment she was saying the Model S was better than the Model X, the next day she was trying to up sell us to to the Model X. I asked her about 4 times if she had put our referral code in for the $1000 off and free supercharging and she said yes but it was never reflected on the MyTesla page. After a few days of waiting and back and forth texting with her, I finally just called the Customer Service number and asked if it had been put on. The person on the phone said no but that they would be happy to put in my referal code. After he did it finally showed up on the MyTesla page and I was happy.

    After a few days and daily checking of the MyTesla page, my delivery date went from Late June to July - Early August. This was completely annoying and out of the blue because we specifically asked if the delivery date would be by the end of June. We were promised that it would be.

    After some back and forth emailing with my Delivery Specialist and my Owner Adviser, it turned out they thought I was going to cancel my order even after the confirmation date. This was strange as we thought we put forth the energy and desire to get the car ASAP. Whatever, it got fixed and things are moving along.

    Fast forward to today and I log in to the MyTesla page and it's completely empty. No VIN number, no DS contact info, no production updates, and no steps completed (up to this point we had 4 out of 6 complete). Both my DS and OA could not figure out and said that it was a glitch and that there is nothing to worry about as the car is being built. I log back in to MyTesla and it's now a completely new VIN number and RN number, which really really worries me. It seems like the original order was either deleted/cancelled and to cover their asses a new one was made on the spot, which would be ridiculous. But I don't know...

    I'm sorry for the long rant and a ton of info but this is kind of crazy and ridiculous. I just want the car I bought and I want it to be a somewhat easy experience. Anyone else experienced this type of odd customer service?
  2. kort677

    kort677 Banned

    Sep 17, 2015
    this is a YMMV situation, you are dealing with humans and some are better at doing their job than others. wait until you get to visit the service centers, like I always like to note that all service centers are not created equally, some have great staff, some not so great, some are way too busy and some seem to function as planned. enjoy your car and realize that you'll never be at the showroom again.
  3. verygreen

    verygreen Curious member

    Jan 16, 2017
    Sorry to say this, but you've seen nothing yet.
    You just wait until ServiceCenter staff that would try to evade you,
    delivery specialists that would try to mislead you about things they can and cannot fix of the problems you'll see in your car at delivery (put every little thing no matter how insignificant it looks in writing into the due bill to be fixed).

    Or you have just experienced a glitch and everything would be perfect from now (also possible since you are in CA), I certainly hoped it was a glitch in my case, but... it was not.
    If I knew what I know now, I'd just walk away from my car at delivery after seeing what I saw then, and would just order another one (yes, I love my car when it works, sadly in ~10 weeks I "have" it, it was actually in service ~4 weeks (and counting, in service right now) ).
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  4. rjdoc74

    rjdoc74 Member

    Feb 27, 2014
    LA, CA
    Welcome to Tesla ownership. I went into this with certain expectations having written a six figure check for my MX a few months ago. My OA told me I need to PAY FULL price for the car in order to get it delivered in 2 weeks (it was an inventory car). Never told me I could just do a $2500 deposit. I wrote a check and long story short it took 3 months to deliver my car. I can go on and on.
  5. EV-lutioin

    EV-lutioin Active Member

    Apr 2, 2016
    Tesla has provided me exemplary service from initial purchase to subsequent service appointments. They trailer my car if it needs work, they send a ranger in 24 hours if it needs a quick fix. No other car manufacturer has provided me with such responsive and friendly service. Have there been some hiccups.. yes. And that's to be expected with a car company that is growing 68% a year and has 500,000 people waiting in line to get one of their cars.
  6. alevek

    alevek Member

    Mar 11, 2016
    Jupiter, Fl
    Good news for all Model 3 reservation holders is that the line is going to get a lot shorter after the final reveal.
  7. boelkers

    boelkers Member

    May 30, 2017
    Where in your MyTesla account page did it show that you had the referral code entered and got the free supercharging? I purchased an inventory MX about 3 weeks ago now and will be taking delivery soon but still don't see anywhere in my account that the car/account had a referral entered even though I also have asked my Owner Adviser to confirm the code was applied to my account.
  8. jeffro01

    jeffro01 Active Member

    Jan 30, 2013
    SF Bay Area
    While I can't say I've always been happy with service, my ordering and delivery experience were nothing short of awesome... My OA has now transitioned to a new position within Tesla so that part kind of sucks should we chose to order another one but overall I can't say anything negative about our ordering/delivery experience.


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