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Tesla Service in Santa Clara cannot fix basic things

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In February 2024, I purchased a brand new Model Y. The ordering through the all went smooth and they dropped off the car on my driveway while I was at work. After work I did some delivery inspections and realized small paint scratch (around 2 inches) and secondary door seals weren’t positioned properly. I created a service request and that’s how story starts. On first my visit the fixed the scratch but oversprayed paint on the door during rainy day, so all the rain drops were behind the clear coat. The also adjusted doors so it close properly and scratched the paint around the latch. On my second visit to fix their mess from the first visit they fixed the paint but repositioned secondary seals even worse, and driver side door secondary seal was completely missing (see photos), the rear seal is now unglued basically. I never understood why they sending me your car is ready and while I am asking to confirm all the issues are addressed they say yes, and when I come they want to address them while I am there instead just fix confirm and let me know as I am not in rush since this my second/weekend car

My question is where can I complain about the purchase experience? I am in the point when I better return this car and buy something else as the quality of the work and the communication with the tesla customer support (not service center) is basically completely not existent.


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To reply to your question, I don’t believe Tesla has any mechanism for interaction with Customers. And I think it’s intentional. Customers are an inconvenience because we create problems with complaints, which some employees might want to respond to, consume resources, and generate costs. Tesla expects us to take what they give us and go away. This nonsense of people posting on Twitter, oops!, X, to Musk is such a joke. Sure, he even responds but I have zero confidence it makes any difference. The reality is that Tesla doesn’t have a Customer Service focus.