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Damaged Screen? Purple line

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I have a M3 AWD , 10 months old.

Since the past few weeks, I have noticed a faint purple vertical line coming down from the top of the screen.

Not sure how long it’s been there.

Anyone else have this issue? How did you get it resolved? Any tips?
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Good news and bad news. The bad news is that this may be a hardware issue. The good news is that the sort of artifact you're seeing usually is just the connector between the hardware rendering the image and the actual display (think of it as the cable between your computer and monitor, or on a laptop the cable in the hinge connecting the screen to the rest of the hardware). It's possible the connector is simply loose or failing, and with any luck Tesla can just reattach it for you or acquire a new connector cable.

Unfortunately, this $4 connector may only come as part of the $1,500 "screen assembly". You'll want to talk to Tesla about this.

Are you still inside your warrantee horizon?
Hey @Tezla1 All M3's come with 4Y comprehensive warranty or 50K miles, whichever comes 1st. You also get 8Y and 120K miles warranty for the powertrain (battery and motors) since you have the AWD model with dual motors. So unless you've driven more than 50K miles, you're all set.
Had the Mobile service guy come to house this morning

He spent 30 mins checking cameras and etc

Then told me I have to make another appointment with Tesla Service to take the car into a service center to have the screen looked at...

So, now I’m 2 weeks away from a Tesla service appt
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