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TuneIn Radio stations flickering between Play and Pause

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Hey guys,

The TuneIn Radio stations on my 2021 Model 3 LR has been flickering for the past 2 updates (few months already). It randomly happened one day and I have tried to reset the car by pressing both buttons on the steering wheel down until the Tesla logo re-appears on the screen. It fixed half of the stations but the other half still flickers between play and pause.

Does anyone know what else I can try to fix this? I thought a software update would fix this but still doesn't work. Anyone else have this issue?

My car is on 2023.44.30.16 if that matters. (latest my car can find currently)
After not using the car's streaming audio in quite a while, I did a voice command yesterday, "Play Linda Ronstadt." The screen showed that it correctly recognized the command but the playback just skipped in and out of the middles of country songs. It sounded like skipping around the FM dial. No Linda Ronstadt.

Is that like flickering between play and pause that you're hearing?

Is this a problem with the car software (2024.2.7) or TuneIn and Slacker?
My flickering doesn't even play the radio station. The play / pause button will just flicker between play and pause endlessly. I'm using TuneIn. Have tried to reset the car again with the buttons but still doesn't work.

Anyone know if it's possible to reset the whole TuneIn radio app? Like clear cache etc.