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Discounted S85 with new battery

***I've dropped the price from 45k to 42k because we're moving soon. I beleive it's worth every penny and if you want to know why just message me. If you disagree, please just enjoy your day and move on, don't waste your time or mine giving that opinion. Already have an offer for 40 so 42k takes it. Thanks guys, enjoy!***

Hello Tesla fans! The wife and I are moving and have to downsize for school. This nearly 2015 (Dec 14) model S85 has been an AMAZING car and will continue to be for whoever buys it. It has a clean title, no accidents, no issues, everything works as it should and it still has over 3 years on its original 8 year unlimited mile warranty!

The car comes with free unlimited supercharging and free LTE. It has the latest updates and the MCU and both the 17" touchscreen and the driver display screen have been replaced with the high definition 2019 versions! They are under a two year warranty as well and look amazing! People are in doubt when I say the car isn't brand new. It has working autopilot, smart air suspension, cold weather package, rear facing seats (can hold 7 people!) upgraded sound system, large frunk, and more! (All features listed below)

I have a brand new set of Michelin tires on the car and there are no tears in the interior leather. Minor wear here and there from being used but nothing that stands out. Car has 190k miles on it but the battery was just replaced by Tesla so it's good to go for a LONG time! The car charges to over 250 miles range now which is better than when it was new.

I understand being skeptical about the miles but if you are, please contact me so I can explain how different this is from an ICE car and how the miles aren't as big of a factor. Also with the new battery and warranty you have a great guarantee that this car will continue to run as flawlessly as it has for me. She cost well over $100k new and has been heavily optioned out. There are many features it has that you can't get anymore, truly one of a kind, sporty model s. I promise this will be an incredible way for you to get into Tesla or to upgrade.

If you've never had a Tesla there are just too many things to list that make this vehicle amazing. If you have, you know what a great vehicle this is and how it changes the whole driving experience. Please contact me for any questions at all. I'd love to tell you more about it and send more pictures.

This car is extremely versatile! It can go from standard configuration, holding 5 people and a lot of groceries or what have you in the trunk and frunk, to the 7-seat configuration to hold a lot of people, to the all folded configuration to either haul a lot of stuff or to sleep two people! In camper mode we kept the car at 65 degrees all night in below freezing temperatures and it only used 1% battery an hour! Super fun to camp in it with the mattress and the all glass roof.

(List of added features on top of standard Tesla awesomeness)

-Autopilot (With autosteer, breaking, following, summon etc)
-Smart air suspension (Car can be raised and lowered to best aerodynamics)
-Extra large frunk (Some only hold backpacks, this one can hold a suitcase)
-Weathertech mats for front, back and trunk
-Professional window tinting (Can't see in from the outside and makes the car stay cool. Super nice option)
-Crome deletes throughout (Makes the car look sportier. Plastidip coatings can be easily removed if wanted)
-Fog lights (LEDs are sweet)
-Tech package (Several upgrades including illuminated self presenting door handles)
-Panoramic Roof (Super nice, lot's of glass in the car makes it spacious)
-Carbon fiber spoiler
-Brand new Michelin tires (Makes all the difference)
-New battery ($20,000 from Tesla)
-Upgraded high res screens
-Tesla logo door projector lights (very cool, still have the original lights and it takes 15 seconds to replace if you want)
-Rear facing seats (rare upgrade that you can't get anymore. seats 7!)
-Charging cable
-Upgraded sound with amp, bass knob and perfectly fit sub (professionally done, very nice)
-Leather seats, no tears
-Performance pedals
-Cold weather package (5 heated seats)
-Inflatable air bed with pump (Fits in the back so you can sleep in your car! Really cool item)
-Console organizer and key case
-Charging adapter to work with non-tesla stations

Thanks for looking!


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