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Does mid range get Routing with traffic data

Hi Everyone,

I apologize in advance if this is covered already. I just did a really quick search and couldn't find the answer.

I just noticed lately that my mid range is showing "routing with no traffic data" when I use navigation. I don't recall seeing this, and maybe it was part of an update. However, am I suppose to have navigation routing with traffic data on a mid range? I definitely see the traffic info on the map.

Thanks in advance.
You mean data? Yea the LTE icon shows bars, plus I am streaming music and I see the traffic data. I seem to see the message now 100% of the time, so it's not a coverage or area limitation. i've opened a case with support, but I'd figure I post about it and see what folks here have noticed.
Well guys. I found out what happened. I just happened to be looking through the navigation options and found that there is an option to turn off the routing with traffic data. It was ofcourse off for me for some reason, I flipped it on and BAM its back. Why would I or anyone want to turn this off is beyond me. Thanks all for your response though.