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Door Sill Trim


Picked up my Model 3P Pearl white/ white today at Manchester and it was all a bit rushed as check and very limited explanation and introduction was done outside in the pouring rain. Not ideal I have to say. Can anyone confirm if there should be “Model 3” stainless trim plates on both front door sills ( near and off side) I only have one on drivers door sill.
Yes, you should have one on each side; driver and passenger. When I took delivery of my Pearl White M3P it only had one too. Took it to service center and they stuck the other one on. Not too big a deal, just annoying to take delivery and have to go back for something missing.
Have to agree, the handover at Manchester yesterday was not great at all, very rushed, however I’ve just checked and have the sill trim on both driver & passenger side on my P+

They did fob me off with a few scratches as it looked like they rubbed off with water (but are still there) and the spoiler wasn’t attached properly on the passenger side which they’ve bodged with a extra chunk of sticky foam which looks awful. And the boot leaked but hopefully that was just a poorly fitted seal which I’ve reseated this morning :(
Glad to hear you’ve got them both and I was hoping to inspect the paintwork before I left there but couldn’t see much on a wet white car. Washed and inspected when I got home and a couple of paint issues which I hope to resolve at local SC.
Went out this morning and a couple of miles into my journey there was a loud pop and the sound system died. Phone sound does not work at all and music and sat nav sound only just audible at max volume. Anyone had a similar experience? I am awaiting a call from local SC on Monday. Loving the car though it’s just amazing!