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Driver Profiles - Default Settings


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Dec 25, 2020
Dallas, TX
Question... looked in the manual and searched around, can’t seem to find an answer.

Question is, when you choose to setup a new driver profile, does it use all default settings? Or does it build from current selected settings?

In other words, if I was to add a profile for my Wife, will Tesla defaults be loaded, or will it simply adapt all my profile settings if that’s what set when we initialize the creation of hers?

trying to figure out if I should make a “default” profile before customizing options.

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does it build from current selected settings?
It builds from the current settings. Once something is changed when the car is new, there is no more default nor is there a default profile to go back to. I find that other than seats and mirrors, it's easier to set up additional profiles after the first driver has done the full config and saved a profile. Most of the boilerplate settings are already made so there less to change for the additional profiles.
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