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Effect of weight on efficiency

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Edit: sorry on the weird thread title. I hit the wrong key and posted before I was ready!

I recently traded a P90D for a P100D and thought I'd post some anecdotal observations.

I had spec'd my P90D to be as light as possible in an effort to maximize performance; metal roof, coils, no premium audio, manual liftgate, 19" wheels etc... My lifetime wh/mi were around 270 in a typical US suburbs -> city center commuter driving cycle (Houston, TX). Long distance highway cruising at 70mph, without wind, would result in something around 250wh/mi.

My P100D was an inventory vehicle and came with the typical bevy of options one usually sees: glass roof, air suspension, premium options... Plus there's the added weight of the larger pack. Same 19" wheels and tire brand. My same driving patterns are generating an average in the low 300s. 70mph highway cruising results in something around 280 wh/mi or so.

So interesting changes, practically speaking. 10-15% difference between the P90D featherweight and the stocky P100D for similar driving styles and cycles.
Just saw my first Chevy Bolt and the thing is HUGE, compared to my Chevy Spark that is. A Dodge pickup was ICEing the other side of the city charger so I could not take a comparison photo. Definitely keeping my 80 mile battery car which can handle over 90 percent of my trips. Smaller is just handier as well as being more efficient. Ditto my Roadster.