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Electric parking lot sweepers?


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Jul 24, 2015
Clark Co, WA
Last night I ran to the supermarket just before they closed and as I left there was a vacuum cleaner truck running around the parking lot. I've seen these before in large parking lots after hours, they're used to suck up debris that people drop during the day. As the thing went by me, I got a choking nose full of diesel and my first thought was, "this would be a good application for an EV!" It wouldn't need much range, but the vacuum system probably would suck some battery power. It would also have plenty of time to charge during the day.
There are actually a lot of applications that are powered with fossil fuels and do not need range or autonomy.
Similar story with winter applications (e.g. snow blowers)

But many of them do use a lot of power, which is often not available or expensive from a battery or socket.
The situation will improve with battery technology and Europe has the 44 kW IEC 60309 3 phase plugs.