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Financing Application outside of BC, QC, ON or AB.

When I ordered my X, I had to have my ISA/DA approach banks in order to get financing terms, the banks wouldn’t talk directly to me.
Scotiabank wouldn’t play ball, so he went to RBC and got them to give rates & details. Bank of Montreal didn’t want anything to do with Tesla, but that will hopefully change in the near future.
For anyone else that's interested, Tesla just told me they don't offer financing in NS.

It sure would have been nice to have known this at any point in the last few months, I've not bothered to shop around as I was happy with the rates Tesla advertised. I don't recall there being any stipulation that these rates were limited by region.

This is very disappointing given that I was told to expect to receive the vehicle in the first week of June by the Montreal service centre.
Tesla Financing in Nevada called me today, it seems there was some miscommunication somewhere.

All is sorted now, and I have the financing offer from Tesla through RBC. They offered 4.39% over 96 months and 4.14% over 84 months so not quite what was previously advertised but close.
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