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For Sale: 2018 Model S P100DL, 4000 miles - $83700

Pretty clean condition throughout - looks and smells like new. No signs of wear or tear since we barely drove it. We owned a few other vehicles, so this one wasn't driven much(only 4000 miles).

Ludicrous Mode
Midnight Silver Metallic
Two set of wheels - Silver & Black Arachnid Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior - White Leather Seats & Carbon Fiber Decor
Full Self-Driving Capability

One owner history, car is free and clear with clean title, no history of accidents. Available to view on request in the city of San Diego, CA


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Oh I didn’t realize those weren’t the same thing. What changes with new MCU?

All I know is there is the MCU1 and MCU2 and 2 is much faster and does not have the NVRAM issue that wears out over time and officially needs whole new board when it does fail. I think it is important to know if you have the new one. I don’t know about specific dates.
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