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FOR SALE IN GA - Tesla Model X Onyx Black 22inch Turbine wheels

New Tesla Model X 22" Turbine Wheels with Pirelli Tire for 3500.00

Brand New set of Tesla Model X 22" Turbine Wheels with Brand New Pirelli Scorpion tires. The tires also come with Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors (TPMS). The Wheels and tires are absolutely brand new and has never been installed. These were Referral wheels I am receiving from tesla but I already have a set on my Model X. I have appointment with service center on sep 20th to pick up the wheel and if you buy before sep 20th then Tesla will install these wheels free.

As mentioned earlier these have never been installed before and is exactly what you would get when you order directly from Tesla for $6,800. Here you will save $3300.00 for the Exact same thing.
I'm interested however, I thought there were past issues with selling referrals. Would there be a deadline for when they can be picked up from a local service center? Guess I need to look into this. I have approx 25K on our X and will be in need of tires within 6 months
I have appointment with tesla to install or pick up the wheels from tesla service center this Friday at 3:30. I already checked with them that If I can install those wheels to my friend car and the answer was yes as long as I am there in the service center. You will be my friend :) during that time.
Oh got ya. Ok, that's clear and makes sense now. I was thinking it would be more of a certificate that I would present to my local service center which is really not that local, and when I was ready, have them installed. Not ready yet for a set but really think the black rims would look smashing on the red Model X. Love to still be your friend though ;)