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FS: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance w/ MPP Coilovers, RUCA & H&R Spacers + More

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Hey all,

Considering selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance in White/Black. Here's a couple of specs on the car:
  • ~7,530 miles on the car
  • Clean title
  • Lowered with the Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Non-adj Coilovers + RUCA, done by AutoRnD in Fremont.
    • Will also come with original suspension if you want to revert.
  • Fitted with H&R Trak+ 14mm Spacers all around.
    • Will also come with original nuts if you want to revert.
  • Car has PPF on the front bumper, front fenders, rocker panels, & areas where mudflaps would go.
    • Albeit an 'OK' job since I did it myself, it's reversible.
  • There's a black vinyl strip on the front bumper middle portion which can easily be removed if you'd like.
  • Also has been ceramic coated 2 months ago by myself.
  • Fitted with a tempered glass screen protector, Farasla all weather mats & Basenor rear cargo mat.
  • Will come with a set of Tesbros mudflaps if you desire to put them on, just haven't felt the need to.
  • Both interior and exterior are clean, I've done my best to baby the car.
  • Asking $62k

Will upload pics as a follow up comment. Here's a link to an imgur album if you prefer.

Local to SF Bay Area, please feel free to DM with any questions.
Here are more pictures.


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Someone inquired and asked a couple of great questions so I figured I'd post in the thread too.

Included accessories:
- 3D all weather mats on the interior & trunk.
- Windshield sun visor.
- Tesbros mudflaps & hardware (uninstalled)
- Mobile charger
- OEM Tesla Front License Plate bracket with adhesive
- Silicone cupholder insert

Extra accessories (for $ on top):
- Official Tesla CCS2 Adapter
- Quick Bandit front license plate holder

What processor do you have in this car?
> Ryzen Processor came with the car

Interior shots?
> sure! Let me take some and I’ll get them uploaded here. There are some wear on the trim but everything seems surface level and can be buffed out. I should note: take a look at the passenger rear seat. Tesla claimed this as "within spec" but I should note there's a weird fold on the seam.

Did you do the hood also with PPF?
> No PPF on the hood because I ended up messing up the hood film piece. But there aren’t any flaws or chips.

Mobile charger?
> Mobile charger included. I can include the CCS2 Adapter too for more $ on top.

Model Y?

> No trades.

How is the ride after the switch on the coilovers?

> I’d say improvement-wise, 100% better. It’s more dialed in compared to stock suspension and should’ve came like this stock in my opinion. Difference wise? 25% different from stock so it’s still comfortable.

How much lower is the car now?

> Car is about 1 inch lower.

How is the range with this set up and the spacers?

> I’ve noticed a 7% increase in efficiency.

Any noises, bangs, creaks?

> Nope, no noises, bangs, or creaks. Car still sounds stock.

Any upgrades to autopilot?

> No upgrades to autopilot.


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