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model 3 performance

  1. M

    This is how important the 60 foot time is for the 1/4 mile

    Everyone is wondering how much better the Model 3 Performance time can get with the new vehicle. This post will attempt to show how impactful a very small decrease in 60 foot time can be for your total 1/4 mile time. I have 4 separate runs down the same lane of the same track with my 2022 Model...
  2. P

    2021 Model 3 Performance - Warped Brake Discs

    2021 Model 3 Performance. 98% of all braking I do using regen braking only, however when I do need to use the brakes they judder badly. Booked into Tesla Service Centre and they have advised that both front brake discs are warped and need replacing, and they are not covered under warranty. They...
  3. P

    Increased battery SOC and limited regen braking/regen dots

    Does anyone know at what SOC the regen braking is limited, and the car starts displaying the dots on the left hand side? I normally charge my 2021 M3P overnight to 55% SOC, as advised on this forum, and even in cold weather I haven't noticed the regen being limited or noticed any dots being...
  4. P

    Preheating for supercharger near departure location

    How do you preheat the battery to charge at maximum speed at a Supercharger that is less than 10 minutes from the departure location? My car is a 2021 Model 3 Performance. I sometimes stay at a friend's house and he has a 250kw V3 Supercharger nearby. The last 2 times I have charged there I...
  5. I

    Expired 2023 Model 3 Performance [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2023 Model 3 Performance. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. joshuaali

    Sold 2018 Model 3 Performance w/ 30k miles [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2018 Model 3 Performance w/ under 30k miles. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. 2

    Significant overnight drop in battery capacity after lightning strike..

    I have a 2023 M3 Performance with 5,700 miles on it. I've been using the Tessie app since about 2.5k miles to track battery health. I have been tracking on a consistent line just under "fleet average". The other night we had a lightning strike in the backyard, which resulted in several GFI...
  8. I

    Expired Performance Model 3 - Midnight Silver [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Performance Model 3 - Midnight Silver. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. B

    Expired Genuine 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Uberturbine Wheels & Pirelli P Zero Tires! Only 924...

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Genuine 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance Uberturbine Wheels & Pirelli P Zero Tires! Only 924 miles! Includes Bluetooth TPMS. $2,450 OBO. San Diego, CA.. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. lexapro

    Expired FS: '23 M3P 20" Überturbine Wheels + Pirelli P-Zero Summer Tires + TPMS (SoCal) [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: '23 M3P 20" Überturbine Wheels + Pirelli P-Zero Summer Tires + TPMS (SoCal). Please add to the discussion here.
  11. 6

    Available FS: VOLK RACING TE37 ULTRA M SPEC 19x9.5

    FS: TE37 ULTRA M-SPEC (Bronze Almite) Specs: 19x9.5 +34 Square -M14 Friendly -Equipped with 265/35/19 Yokohama Advan Neova AD09 - Includes Rays Centercap/ Valve stem as well as Rays Lugs not shown in pics - Wheels are ceramic coated with no curb rashes. Does have little nicks on 1 wheel in...
  12. J

    Is my 2022 model 3 performance totaled or would it be repairable?

    Sunday night I was involved in a 4 vehicle accident. A Durango SRT driving and speeding in front of me caused the entire accident. As he was speeding he crashed into 2 more vehicles and I, successfully avoiding the 3 car collision (all were totaled btw), hit the divider in the middle of the road...
  13. S

    My Red Model 3 performance front bumper got scratched. Where and how this scratch can be fixed?

    Hi, I accidentally scratched the front bumper of my new Tesla M3 Performance red color while parking in the garage. I just bought it a week ago (delivered to the tesla service center in Dallas, Texas)and this unfortunately happened. How can I get this fixed, how much might it cost? can it be...
  14. ahorner

    Used Tesla M3P from Carvana

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I'm proud Tesla owner for 2 weeks now, and I got a great deal on a 2018 M3P with track package on Carvana. I had an inspection done at Tesla with the request to let me know if I should raise any concerns to the dealer. Tesla said all good. So I did not make any...
  15. M

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Performance | 43K Miles | $48K | San Francisco Bay Area

    VIN: 5YJ3E1EB2JF055678 Spec: All Wheel Drive Performance Deep Blue Metallic Black and White Premium Interior 20'' Performance Wheels Enhanced Autopilot (HW 2.5) Condition: Normal wear and tear. 100% charge at 287 miles. Safelite repaired chip on driver-side windshield. Minor curb rash.
  16. N

    FS: 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance w/ MPP Coilovers, RUCA & H&R Spacers + More

    Hey all, Considering selling my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance in White/Black. Here's a couple of specs on the car: ~7,530 miles on the car Clean title Lowered with the Mountain Pass Performance Comfort Non-adj Coilovers + RUCA, done by AutoRnD in Fremont. Will also come with original...
  17. tjkenny15

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance with FSD Beta, Deep Blue exterior w/ White interior

    Selling my 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance with the Performance upgrade package. Vehicle is located in Northern Virginia. 53,777 Miles. Clean title, title in hand. Zero accidents or fender-benders. Full-Self driving package is paid for life and has the FSD Beta. The car is in wonderful shape...
  18. T

    Efficiency/Range estimates swapping to 245/40/19 on M3P

    Tesla and EV noob here so appreciate any insight, this is all very new to me. I am taking delivery on a 2022 M3P in 2 weeks, but not a fan of the 20 inch Uber wheels. Debating back and forth between and 18 or 19 inch wheel swap. My personal preference is that the 235/45R18 tire is a bit beefy...
  19. E

    2022 M3P Gray on White, 150 miles!

    Hello - Picked up my car first week of August and literally found out two days ago that my work will be permanently virtual. This car was supposed to be my commuter car. Brand new. I’ll include Home link which hasn’t been installed yet. Ceramic coating applied to interior first day of pick up. I...
  20. M

    Is my 2022 Model 3 Performance totaled?

    Slipped on water and ran into a guard rail. Does this look totaled?
  21. OilSucks

    2022 Model 3 Performance Red Ext/White Interior - No FSD - 2600 Miles - Price: $66,500

    For sale is my beautiful red and white 2022 Model 3 Performance! No FSD but I do have some sweet 3DMaxpider floor mats for the front and back lol Absolutely nothing wrong with this car just have some life changes happening and don’t need a 2nd car anymore. Asking $66,500 and pretty firm. Title...
  22. S

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good Well, my love-hate relationship with Tesla & Tesla’s TechnokingI’m took a turn. I capitulated & got a 2018 Model 3 Performance in silver. We’re at the point with fuel prices that it’s not about, “Can I afford a Tesla?” but more, “Can I afford not to buy a Tesla?”...
  23. Bizmarck

    Model 3 inoperable after rain storm

    Hello, I wanted to share my current experience with my 2018 Tesla model 3 performance and the issue I’m dealing with right now. The car has been absolutely perfect for the last 75,000 miles with zero issues needing addressed in that time. We had a large storm here in Michigan yesterday as I was...
  24. W

    Changing my order before VIN assigned

    Hey everybody, I originally ordered the M3LR on 5/10. I had a change of heart yesterday and decided to change my order to the M3P. I talked to my SA and they told me that switching to the M3P would bump my delivery time up. I looked on Tesla's website and the delivery time for the M3P was...
  25. M

    FS: 2022 Model 3 20" Uberturbine wheels and tires - brand new in Anaheim, CA

    I have a Model 3P coming in between 5/30-6/23 and want to get rid of the stock 20" Uberturbines with tires. Looking for $2500, located in Anaheim, CA. Pick up only!
  26. R

    M3P - Slammed Into Curb Hard - Totaled?

    Hi guys, I have a 2019 Model 3 Performance and was in an accident last week and wanted to get the community’s opinion. Long story short, took a left turn too hard and lost traction, popped over the curb and scraped against the side wall. Happened late at night with only myself in the car, no...
  27. N

    FREE - Michelin Sport 4s Summer Performance Tires 235/35/20

    I’m giving away a set of tires previously used on my Model 3 Performance (2020). Great summer/track option for someone with 20 inch wheels. They have about 10k miles on them and are in good shape. I sold the car and no longer need them. First come, first serve! 40 Twin Circle Drive...
  28. R

    Pirelli P-Zero 235/35R20 Tires for sale. set of 4

    Pirelli PZero 235/35R20 summer tires. Set of 4 These are off my 2022 Tesla M3P. Less than 200 miles on them, basically new. No patches/repairs. I replaced them with all seasons because of the weather here in Seattle. $600 for local pickup. Willing to ship at buyers expense
  29. A

    For Sale: Model 3 Performance OEM Pirelli P-Zero 235/35-R20 Tires

    Available for immediate pick-up, or willing to ship at buyer's expense. Shipping from zip code 22042. Brand-new take-off Pirelli P-Zeros. I had them replaced with some Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires in slightly wider 245/35-R20 (see photo). Perfect condition, foam inside is intact. If...
  30. A

    FS: DC/NoVA area 20" Pirelli P-Zero OEM tires, set of 4, brand new take-offs. Perfect Condition

    I'm selling my OEM 235/35-R20 Model 3 Performance summer tires in favor of getting some all-seasons. Brand new, just took delivery, 2022 Model 3 Performance (20" Uberturbine wheels). No damage, no stories. Selling full set of four tires (no wheels, no TPMS). Size 235/35-R20. They sell for...
  31. M

    FS: 20 in. Model 3 Performance Uberturbine Wheels and tires w/ TPMS & lug nuts Boston, Massachusetts

    Preselling the 20" Uberturbine wheels off my Model 3 Performance being delivered on March 16th. Includes TPMS, tires and lug nuts if you want them. They will have under 5 miles on them. Will post pictures as soon as they are off. I'm in MA South Shore. $2,500 takes them.
  32. S

    Steering wheel shake when changing lanes

    2022 M3P From day 1, I've noticed a majority of time when I go to change lanes, my steering wheel shakes. This is at any speed, city street or highway. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what the resolve is/was?
  33. Y

    2020 model 3 performance

    Selling a 2020 Tesla model 3 performance. Can’t figure out how to link pictures in here so apologies. If you want to see it either email me at [email protected] or text/call at 5035049049. Asking $57,000 2020 Tesla Model 3 - Performance Miles: 25,xxx Title: clean Range: 315mi 0-60: 3.2...
  34. lvl2EV

    FS: M3P 20" Uberturbines with TPMS and P Zero tires (OEM)

    Hey everyone! Looking for $2200 OBO Local pickup in So-Cal Orange County Just pulled these off my 2021 Model 3 Performance. 1k mi on the full set of 4, no curb rash, no scuffs, no damage. Wheels and tires are in like new condition. Price includes Bluetooth TPMS, and P-Zero OEM Tires...
  35. F

    Model 3 Performance 20 inch Uberturbines + Ps4s tires + TPMS brand new for sale (SoCal, can ship)

    Selling my brand new uberturbines off my just delivered M3P. Located in San Diego but can drive to any SoCal location or ship. Asking for $2700 firm for wheels, tires, and tpms all together
  36. eivissa

    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    Actually more something for "Refresh 2022"! V20 has been certified for the EU: -The Model 3 Performance gets the LG 5L 79kWh pack with the Model Y Performance Drive Unit -> Higher Power Limits! -The Model 3 with the CATL 6L 62kWH pack has a slightly higher WLTP of 495km now. ...Much more stuff!
  37. S

    2021 M3P 20" Uberturbine Wheels - Brand New - Los Angeles Area

    50 miles on these before they were taken off and switched out to custom forged set. No damage any defects etc. Looking for local pick up first before any shipping etc. Tires: 235/35/20 Pirelli PZero tires with TPMS sensors included. Asking $3k obo
  38. L

    Best Company Car Insurance That Cover Alcantara Dash?

    Hi everyone, My M3P 2021 is estimated to be ready for collection in November. I’ve purchased it through my own limited company and have a fully comp insurance quote of £733 through Churchill - with me down as the registered keeper. I’ve asked them how the insurance quote would be affected if...
  39. B

    FS: (4) 20" Uberturbine M3P wheels and tires (SF Bay Area)

    Got some new wheels for my 2021 M3P so I'm selling all 4 of my OEM 20" Uberturbines. About 900 miles on both the wheels and tires. Tires are mounted, but no TPMS (swapped mine over to new wheels). No curb rash or visible scratches of any kind. Pricing these low because they're taking up space in...
  40. P

    Interest in 20" Uberturbines? (New England)

    Just got a 2021 Model 3 Performance but I'm thinking of switching to 19" Martian MW03s - would anyone be interested in buying the OEM Uberturbines (wheels + tires)? Currently have 215 miles on them (gentle driving, no launches etc because I want to be more familiar with the car before doing...
  41. 3YPlaid

    FS: 2019 Model 3 Performance - Blue/Black

    $55k Tesla Model 3 performance with 28,500 miles located in Woodbury, MN. Blue with black interior. Includes Full Self Driving option ($10,000 option). Homelink garage door opener included. This car has been garaged night and day. The car is in excellent shape with PPF over the front half...
  42. nikhil726

    Vorsteiner Volta Aero Track Diffuser and Side Skirts for Tesla Model 3

    I’m looking to sell my vorsteiner volta aero carbon fiber track diffuser and side skirts. The entire diffuser is PPF’d in STEK and the left side skirt is PPF’d as well, the right side skirt is brand new however...
  43. P

    Which video is more similar to Tesla's red in real life?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently deciding between red and white for a M3P and I came across two videos of red Model 3s where the red kind of looks a bit different (I guess the videos' color grading was different). I was wondering if anyone knew which one was more representative of the M3 in real life...
  44. P

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    What would y'all do? Get the white M3P and put the $2k towards some red paint protection film? Or just get the red M3P and do a clear front + side skirt PPF? (Or just stick with white + front and side PPF) I currently have a white on order, but I just saw this video of the red M3P and dang it...
  45. 2020Reset

    Model 3 Performance 2020 For Sale

    Upgrading to a Model S - Asking $55K - San Diego CA Specs Long Range All-Wheel Drive - Stealth Performance All Black Premium Interior - Matte Fiberglass Upgrades Midnight Silver Metallic Custom Wheels - Avant Guard wheels - M520-R Dark Graphite Metallic 19" Michelin Sport AS/3 Tires –...
  46. R

    Overzealous ABS While Cornering

    Hey folks, I'm experiencing some odd behavior with my Model 3 Performance's brakes. Yesterday while exiting the highway on a clover-leaf offramp, I lightly hit the brakes and the ABS intervened to the extent that the brakes barely engaged. I came in pretty hot, but nothing out of the ordinary...
  47. Traelevation

    FS 20” staggered rims and tires model 3

    TSW Black and Graphite staggered wheels for sale. Wheels are clean and free of bends. One rear wheels have small nic, while the other rear rim have slight rash. Front wheels are perfect and I also have a spare front rim that will come with. Front 20x9 et 20 and Rear 20 x10 et25. They are...
  48. neilalexalover

    2020 Blue Model 3 performance with film body xpel and ceramic coating - Seattle

    Mileage -20,000 Build date - December Bought Dec 2019 Full body xpel wrap with ceramic coating ( value at $10K) Asking price - 50k Location - Seattle getting the model x refresh Hit me up if you’re interested.
  49. P

    Model 3 LR vs Performance for 1-2 track days a year

    Hi everyone, I'm currently considering the M3 LR since I'd definitely get wheel/tire damage with the 20" wheels where I live (Boston). I'm thinking of the 18" aero wheels, and perhaps switching the wheel covers for the orbital covers! There's also a $2,500 rebate for EVs under 50k in...
  50. X

    2021 M3P Carbon Fiber Spoiler (OEM)

    Recently had the spoiler on my MP3 replaced under warranty (edges lifting), but they left me with the original, when they were both off I could see no difference on the dry fit other than the new spoiler appeared to have a different adhesive placement than the original one. I've gotten ~90% of...