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Hansshow Steering Wheel Screen on Model 3 2021 RHD.

There’s been a lot of talk and problems mentioned on other threads but here’s my experience and some tips to avoid annoying issues or disasters:
1) order the screen for your particular model and year. They make ones with different connections for different years going by YouTube installation videos, but the 2021 version looks to be the simplest to install with only one plug to connect. Make sure you talk to Hansshow via WhatsApp and make it clear that you need a 2021 model (either RHD or LHD). Before you install, pull the battery negative cable from the 12v battery and pull the main circuit breaker under the back seat to kill all of the power so you don’t damage anything electrically like the main control unit. There are videos how to do this. If anyone cares, I’ll post links to all of these.
2) The hardest part by far is pulling the plug out of the electronic control unit (I think that’s what it’s called) and plugging in the screen adapter plug. You need to do it lying upside down. The easiest way is to setup a couple of chairs outside to be able to lie comfortably while you do this. That’s the only plug you need to connect in the 2021 model. YouTube has pretty install decent videos. Check them out. The Hansshow one is the most accurate but it’s all video and no talk but it’s good and has subtitles for guidance. Some videos pull half your car apart. Avoid, you only need to pull panels off the passenger side on the RHD model plus the dashboard cover and a couple of small panels that hold it. Also, make sure your wires are taped down on the dashboard and avoid them going over the middle hump behind the main screen. Feed the either under or in front of the hump or you’ll never properly lock down the dashboard. There’s also a weird miscellaneous plastic piece they don’t explain. I put it behind the Hansshow screen to block the air vent so that air is redirected through the square openings in the “thing”-to redirect air around the screen. I just jammed it in and it works OK.
3) Wireless CarPlay is a little glitchy at times. When in doubt and it sits there forever waiting, check if your phone is connected to the unit via Settings and a Bluetooth in the settings on the screen. I noticed this occurs after a complete shutdown of power, for example. No biggie, open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone, click on the phone on the Hansshow, a code will come up and agree to pair on both the unit and phone. Should connect OK from there. The Tesla media screen generally always remains connected to the Hansshow screen without any issues but check if troubleshooting if it’s connected. I believe this has all been fixed via a software update at the Google Drive link from Hansshow. Haven’t done it yet, maybe today. I found that using Zoom for video conferences can cause echo problems between the Hansshow built in speaker. When in doubt, reboot the Hansshow screen in settings.
To minimise most issues,especially if you don’t get any sound or get weird echo noises, keep it simple and connect Tesla media to the Hansshow screen (like it’s another phone ) via Bluetooth and the iPhone phone to the Hansshow screen and not the tesla itself. I also make sure my phone is in Hotspot mode and not connected to an external wifi. Seems to minimise connection issues.
Last point on CarPlay, it works really well using a USB to lightning cable as well if you want to avoid all of this and bypass wireless CarPlay but it’s not as pretty a look.
4) I’ve seen misleading comments regarding Siri. It’s on all of the time and works. No need for a button. Just say Hey Siri at the screen and wait for the sound to die down and then make your Siri request. I also installed an Amazon Echo Auto which I use to open and close the garage and turn off things in the home if I forget after driving off. I find the Echo more accurate for music selection than Siri. Might be the ambient noise but the Echo is excellent for filtering that out. You can request to make phone calls via the Echo or Siri, whichever works best. I find the Tesla voice recognition particularly sucks with regards to phoning a specific name. Probably an Aussie voice misinterpretation. I’m finding there is no discernible using the Hansshow unit like some people complained about but it may be a software update fix.
5) overall I’m very happy with the unit. I also installed a cool yoke steering wheel and can see the Hansshow screen great now. It’s a separate job needing some care when installing, especially killing all of the power in the car to avoid airbag explosions, but there are, again, great YouTube videos to help. The under rear seat circuit breaker is the safest way to go to kill off all power.
Have to apologise for previously posting this in the wrong thread referring to the Hansshow audio upgrade kit. I’d actually like to know if there is any improvement to the premium sound system or if it’s only suitable for the base model.
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Have to apologise for previously posting this in the wrong thread referring to the Hansshow audio upgrade kit. I’d actually like to know if there is any improvement to the premium sound system or if it’s only suitable for the base model.
very detailed and helpful.
I am having sound and massage seat modules installed by professional today - fingers crossed.
I was thinking to go for Yoke steering, but waiting to hear the experience... can you share more details on steering?