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Health Advice Needed

My brother in law has just had a defibrillator implanted The hospital and doctor seem to think there may be an issue in being driven in an electric car ( I have a volt and model x) They have very little info however and I cant seem to find anything more They just said stay away from superchargers when charging

Does anyone on the list have more info
One wonders if there is such a thing as a human-sized Faraday cage for such scenarios. Clearly, there are fields afoot while charging and during everyday operation.

I hope the OP reports back with any sort of Tesla-provided communication.
Back in 2012 or so I remember seeing an early Model S user manual that showed high EMR areas of the car and it said pacemakers should be kep at least 6 inches away. The areas included the left and right corners of the dash, the center cup holder area, and the back seat directly above the motor. I made note of this since my father has a pacemaker. When the next version of the manual was released, it no longer contained this information.
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