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How does the app work (over 5000 miles from car)

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My understanding of bluetooth (from research on the web) is that it works over short distance. Yet when I am halfway round the world I can wake my Tesla and see all data. This requires that I have bluetooth enabled - can't figure out how this works - anyone who can explain?
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So when I'm in Europe if I didn't have wifi or cellular data I wouldn't be able to see anything about status?
I have a standard 3 so I only have wifi in my garage - would the limited lte of this car also give me access if it was without access to wifi - guess so since I can remotely turn on ac when I'm quite a distance from the car?
Just did an experiment and I DON'T have to have bluetooth enabled to use the app from my living room for all the functions I've tried (honk, lock) so it's only unlocking the car that needs bt I guess.
This is making a lot more sense - I figured it had to be internet but the notice to turn on bt threw me. I guess it should have been obvious that wifi was involved when so many got locked out when Tesla's servers went down;) So even though bt works over short distance it still requires verification of the "key" via the servers?
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