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how long does the grid have to be down to register as an event?

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May 31, 2015
we just had what seemed like a momentary power blip - while using a ton of power. charging our volt (via 20 amp 240V), and the AC running as well. house draw was over 10kw at the time (which would be more than the capacity of our two powerwalls alone, although we did have roughly 2.5kw of additional solar available to cover the load had the grid gone down).

our TV (which i haven't gotten a UPS for yet) shuts off, which it has done when we've had the grid go down since the powerwalls were installed. that's normal. our server upstairs (which is plugged into a UPS but the batteries need replaced, i've got two on order coming this week), then also goes down. the AC gets noticeably louder than usual, but stays on.

if the grid did in fact go down, it didn't register as an event in the tesla app...which is the basis for my question: is it possible we had a brief grid outage that led to all of this going on, but not long enough to register as an outage in the app? and if so, how long does the grid have to be down for it to register? i know i've had the app register outages of less than a minute before, but never anything so short as just a second or two.

and if even a single second would be registered, is there anything else obvious that could have caused the behavior we just saw? the only thing i can think of is a grid outage (because we've seen it before with the TV that's not on a UPS), but not seeing anything come up in the app confused me.