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How to tell if 2017 MX has FUSC?

I've read the thread about finding the SC01 code in your Tesla account, but I am looking to buy a used MX. The dealer won't have access to the online account and I can't count on buying from a PP. How can I tell if a 2017 MX has free FUSC?

The VIN? Do I have to call Tesla every time I find a MX? Is there an automated way?

Thank you!
IIRC, it wasn't transferrable in 2017 (may have been SC05 instead), so it won't when you get it. I searched and this appears to be confirmed here"FUSC vs SC01 If that poster is correct, you'd have to purchase an X produced (and possibly sold) by May of 2016 which was never owned by Tesla after they started removing features on trade-ins. If you keep reading, the 5th post says any Tesla sold by mid January 2017 would have it, which still means your odds of finding it are slim. To render them even more slim, the 4th post insinuates that Tesla may be removing it when they shouldn't, so you could get one with it and still have a battle to keep it.
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