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iPhone ringer volume turned way down by MY

I've been trying to nail down a problem with my iPhone XR ringer volume getting mysteriously turned way down. It seems to be related to using my MY after it connects via Bluetooth. That's just my working theory right now. Not sure if it's the actual cause, and also not sure if it's really an Apple issue. Never used to do it but Apple has pushed out a few updates recently and maybe one of them caused it.

I've done a forum search, but haven't found anything related (or searching using wrong terms).

If it's related to the car, then I can't be the only one experiencing this. Can anyone provide any insight?

My issue is just the opposite! I recently picked up MY on Dec 31st, and figure It's gotta be a setting somewhere. My iPhone11 is always set to mute or very low and after leaving my MY it's as loud as it can go. We live in a quiet place this time of year and it scares the hell out of me sometimes.
I have an iPhone X and ever since the holiday update, every time I receive or make a phone call I cannot hear the other person and I have to turn the volume up to the maximum level. It seems as though the car is using the radio volume setting as the bluetooth phone volume setting and not saving the phone volume setting from the previous calls. Any assistance in correcting this issue would be greatly appreciated.
You can adjust the volume with the scroll wheel while it’s ringing to set the ringer volume. Works the same for all the other volumes for various noises/functions. Have to be quick and adjust while it’s happening.

The ringer volume in the car is just fine. Problem happens after I leave the car and later discover that the phone's ringer volume has been turned all the way down. Definitely tied to driving the car.
Try this. Settings, sounds, and then make sure this is turned off. It’s worth trying


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Experiencing the same issue with my android phone. I hear the ringing just fine but when I hit answer
the volume is all the way down and cannot hear the caller. My cousin called and it turned into a GIANT
"Can you hear me now" event. Still trying to figure it out.
This is a known bug in the current software builds. We've experienced it since we picked up our Model Y at the end of December. Call volumes for outgoing calls are fine, call volumes for incoming calls are always low (regardless of the previous setting) and need to be increased after answering.

Based on previous posts it seems supposedly this was not happening prior to the updates at the end of 2020, but it consistently has been happening since up to 2021.04.12.

It seems that it may be taking the current music audio volume (instead of using the last call volume) when answering incoming calls which may explain why this is more noticeable for some users than others (if you listen to your music louder all the time, it may not be as drastic of a difference)

I'm hoping it's finally addressed in V11 when that comes out...