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J1772 adapter stuck

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I went to a J1772 charger in Hollywood, CA last night. Plugged into a J1772 Level 2 charger using my adapter. When I went to unplug, the adapter refused to separate from the cable. No amount of force (even two people trying to pull the adapter apart from the charger cable) would remove the two pieces.

I've been doing this for over two years now at different chargers and have never had an issue until last night.

Any idea how this could have occurred? I guess I need to get a new adapter now, but those are EXPENSIVE at $95 a pop. Sigh.
How it happened? Maybe the plastic housing melted. I had used the J1772 adapter for just over a year when I used to charge the car at work. Never had a problem with the adapter releasing from the ChargePoint handle. I had found two J1772 adapters on eBay for about $50 each. Don't know what they are running at now.
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mine recently got stuck, the first time using it. I had to wiggle it hard up and down... to get it out. I used one of those silicon grippers (to open bottle tops) to help with gripping. this wasn't related to cold, just my first-time using it. I have the Lectron J1772. I just order the original tesla one. Not going to try the Lectron adapter again.
Just had this happen at our work charger. Not mine but someone gave up and just left it behind. 3 of us tried to pull it off…it was stuck. I finally took my utility tool in my car and had to go around & around, prying it but finally was able to inch it up. WARNING this will tear up the plastic on your adapter. No apparent fusing or debris. 🤷🏻‍♂️
If you're still trying to remove it ...

If it's an issue of debris and a tight fit, my fix for a stuck two piece sailboard mast might work. The key was repeated percussive pulls straight out. That is, I set up a jig so that I could repeatedly slam the mast such that each collision was pulling the stuck half straight out. It took a lot of smashes.

Perhaps a jig that lets you hammer it apart??