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Key Fob Not Working

Hi All

I wondered anyone can help.

My Keyfob does not allow passive entering any more with my Y, if I try to open the car with the fob in my hand I can see the instructions on the screen to use a key card.

Strangely if I press the fob to open it will open & close the car (all button functions work)

However once in the car, own the locks screen it doesn't recognise that the key fob is in the car.

I have changed the batteries and deleted and added the key, also tried a reset to see if it was a glitch - but nothing seems to work.

The car and Key are only a couple of months old, all worked normally until today.

Have I missed anything obvious??

Thanks All
Just read your posting. Had the very same issue with wife's Fob in our new (end of August) M3. Finally resolved it today (timing is everything). It took "a lot of trys" (tech talk) to have the Fob recognized by the car. Maybe six or eight tries, not really sure. Nor am I sure how I "fixed" the problem.

So, I urge you to calmly (and patiently) sit in your Tesla and repeatedly try and connect the Fob, following the on-screen directions. For what it's worth that's how I resolved our Fob issue.

Cool, thank you will try more tomorrow, only tried connecting it a couple of times so will try again - I'm just wondering if the key is malfunctioning. Have ordered some new batteries as I only used the two it came with - they could be duds I suppose!