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Location settings

I took delivery of my model S yesterday and it’s perfect.. slight issue is it thinks it’s still in the Tesla factory when I check it’s location. Any ideas why?


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it thinks it’s still in the Tesla factory when I check it’s location

I can't remember, on the Tesla-own APP, does is show you when the screen refreshed? (I use a 3rd party APP and it has the date/time of "last refresh")

I've had no-internet and car shows where-it-was-last-time ... so might be that?

P.S. there's a setting on DASH to allow data comms, that might be turned off (and APP, unhelpfully, not telling you and instead just showing you "this is where it was last time I could see it" :( )
If th car's own GPS shows correct position inside the car then the logical issue is the phone app not updaing or locking on to the wrong vehicle. Check vin No's and check that other phone bits work-- such as honking horn/lights. If it's just the location in the app then it's a Tesla server problem.