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MCU2 no longer attenuates music for navigation prompts?

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I just picked up my car after having MCU2 installed. I noticed when driving home that the navigation voice now comes out of all speakers and not just the driver's front. It also no longer attenuates the music when announcing the next turn. This is pretty annoying as I now have to jack up the navigation voice really loud to be able to hear it over the music, and even then it's difficult. I didn't notice this in any of the MCU2 upgrade threads. Is this typical behavior for MCU2?
Tesla's media player should be able to work better with the navigation software.

Android Auto has two features that do this. First, it will pause playback while the navigation announcement is running. This works for audio streaming (including SiriusXM) and USB. Second, the SiriusXM app supports buffering - so the playback resumes at the point it was paused; the app allows moving forward/backward in programs, including manually skipping over commercials.

Tesla hasn't invested much effort into the media player app since it was first introduced almost 9 years ago.

Trying to play the navigation announcement over the media player isn't as effective as pausing the media player while the announcement is playing...
The media/navigation had no problem on MCU1. Is the problem I'm experiencing the normal behavior of all vehicles with MCU2 or is it something specific to my car?

Does your car have MCU2? Does it attenuate music playback when announcing navigation prompts?
We have MCU2 in both cars - and while I didn't think about it at the time, I noticed it was more difficult to hear the navigation announcement when I drove our 2017 S (upgraded to MCU2) several days ago.

Since we no longer have an MCU1 vehicle, I don't have any way to verify if this is an MCU2-specific issue.