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Mobile connector bag damaging the rear trunk fabric?


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Jun 28, 2012
El Lay
Just did a showing of the Model 3 at a local EV show. This morning I noticed that the fabric/covering on the panel that pulls up in the trunk looked like it had been pretty severely chewed up. I'll post a picture later, but wanted to provide advance warning about this for everyone.

I initially thought that the hand wash I had done in the morning before the car show might have been responsible for this. They did vacuum the car out. But then I remembered that when I took delivery, the bag holding the cables was in the middle of the trunk. I picked it up and noticed that it was some pretty heavy duty Velcro which looks to be designed to stick to anywhere in the trunk that you drop the bag. I put it further in behind the rear passenger seat. I haven't touched it since I did that.

If the Velcro is indeed tearing up the surface of the panel, the best location for the cable bag would probably be in the compartment under the panel.