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Vendor Model 3 Highland Wheel Hub Center Cover- Are there any fans of the 2024 Model 3 Highland 18-inch Phonton Wheel?

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After removing the wheel cover of the Model 3 Highland, I fell in love with this 18-inch photon wheel, which looks more sporty.
wheel center cover (3).jpg

However, after removing the wheel cover, the exposed center part of the wheel had a slight impact on aesthetics. We discussed with the product department and developed molds for center caps. After installation, it looks more perfect. Fans who are interested can check the link below.
center cover.jpg
Product link: 2024 Model 3 Highland 18-inch Wheel Hub Caps Center Cover

We also tried installing wheel protectors on the wheels. They fit perfectly. Made of metal, they have a higher-quality appearance. Wheel protectors come in multiple colors for you to choose from. Not only can they protect the wheels, but they can also be matched with different colors according to your preferences, showcasing your personality.

18 inch photon wheel rim protector.jpg
Product link: 18-inch Photon Wheel Rim Protector

At the same time, we have also collaborated with a paint factory to develop touch-up paint pens specifically for use with Model 3 Highland wheels. These pens can repair scratches and abrasions on the wheels, keeping them looking like new.
Product link: 2024 Model 3 Highland Wheel Touch-Up Paint

If you have any other demands for Tesla wheel-related products, please feel free to private message us or leave a comment in the message area. We will do our best to develop products that are suitable for everyone's use. Let's make our Teslas even more beautiful.