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Model S 2013 motor cant propulse the car

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Hi there

I would like to apologize for my English in French

I very new to Tesla repair

I have a problème with my car I just purchase

I leave a video and photo to demonstrate the problems

The wheel turn but no power in forward but reverse wheel are very sluggish

PRND come red and motor stop can put it back in drive and work few seconde again

What I have already checked

Handbrake disengagement it’s ok wheel tur free

I check the big connector on left side of motor no bad connection

Does anyone can help me or have advice on watch to check ??

Thanks you and advance its very appreciated


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Thank you brainhouston !

On the left of the I found a 4 pin connector
there 2 pin more black than the other i plug it and unplugged it and the motor worked correctly but after couple time of driving I need to get the connector unplug and plug

Does this connector are available somewhere?? I would replace, cleaning those pin are no really easy and maybe they are loose too
u can find connectors using free circuit/connector diagrams

View attachment 1039092

View attachment 1039093

but make sure its not the sensor itself...
Hey thanks you very much Tesla documentation isn’t easy to find like all other car 😅 I begin to find my way hahaha

I found this morning they make available some data on the web site, I was surprised how much money they ask to get access to pc tools 😅

I will replace the sensor too it’s not much expensive so I will be sure at 100%

Thanks again for your help it’s very appreciated 😊