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Model S Performance 2019 - passenger seat question

Have searched the forum but could not find anything related.

Just bought this car used.
It looks like the driver’s seat can be lowered much more in the rear of the seating then the passenger seat.
In the driver's seat I get pretty good thigh support, but not in the passenger seat.

With the height adjustment button on the passenger seat you can lower the front, but when trying to lower the rear part of the seat, the complete seating part just moves up or down.
As a result, the passenger seat is much more flat in the lowest position then the driver's seat.
For me, this is very uncomfortable. I have long legs and just can't find a good seating position in the passenger seat.

I already did a seat calibration from the service menu.
All motors seem to work (though there is a lot of grinding noise) and there is some oil on the underside of the seat.

Can somebody confirm this is normal behavior of the seat (not the noise but the height adjustment)?
I am not certain about your particular model and year. (Model S Performance 2019) but most cars, including Tesla, have a different seat sensor in the passenger side than in the driver side. In the Model 3 / Y there's a rather thick and large plastic that's in the passenger seat, above the metal springs but below the foam. that tends to lift the seat height (towards the rear, not the front) enough that many have commented upon the difference from the driver's side to the passenger side. (The driver's side doesn't have that plastic.)
If your goal is to lower the rear of the passenger seat bottom even more than stock, to achieve a more tipped back position, I'm not sure of an easy way.

However you could raise the front of the seat bottom by adding material. Hopefully this creates the effect you are looking for. I've modified many Tesla seats by adding / changing the stock foam to other material and adding foam between the foam and the metal springs.