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2015 Tesla Model S Driver Power Seat Issue


I tried to search through the forums and did not find the issue / solution to the problem I am having with the driver power seat.

The driver seat reclines fine with no issues, however, when I try to move it forward or back, I hear a grinding noise and only the left side of the seat moves partially. I took it to tesla and they said they have to replace the seat since it is an older model. The service advisor mentioned the right side motor of the seat is bad and since it is an older model, they do not sell the motor by itself and i have to buy a new seat.

Did anyone have a similar issue? Also, does anyone know the part number to the motor which I can try to find on E bay or elsewhere and take it to Electrified garage or another place?

Thanks in advance
I've bought a lot of Tesla seats and seat parts on Ebay. I don't know the part number. You might be able to go to Tesla online with your account and find it there? Service center might even tell you the part number.

If I had that car, I'd buy from Ebay the entire seat base, complete with all the wiring and motors, etc.

Replacing seats is not that difficult. I haven't done it in an older Tesla Model S but I have done it in Model 3 frequently.

There are some Tesla salvage dealers here in Florida as well.

Electrified garage might also have a source.

This might be correct for your car?