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Model S: Sanity Check!

Still feeling all giddy after placing an order for an MS Long Range at a Tesla store. As I have some time before delivery and can cancel at any time, I would greatly appreciate some owner experiences to calm the nerves as the purchase price is a *relatively* big number. A few questions:

  • The MS comes with free supercharging. Since I live in a condo that just installed paid chargers that are not yet operational, is my gameplan of mostly relying on supercharging a terrible idea? Say 80-90% supercharging and the rest level 2. I could install a level 2 charger at my workplace but it'd be inconvenient and the total cost of installation and the charger might be a few years of paid charging.
  • How long can I leave my car in an underground garage in the winter before it dies? Would it be a problem if I'm gone for 2 weeks and it's -15 celsius (5F) underground?
  • The car does not have FSD. I've seen on this forum that Tesla sometimes offers discounted FSD upgrades online? Given that FSD is currently a bit limited in Canada, should I hold out for a discount off the $7,900 CAD price?
  • The Tesla salespeople told me that the car only needs servicing every 2 years/40,000km and that the service costs roughly $500 a service. Is this true?
  • How is long term reliability (5+ years)? I'm concerned a bit over the air suspension, MCU, handles, etc. I'd hope that a new build MS has a lot of kinks worked out?
  • Any other things I should know about?

Looking forward to joining the Tesla club!
Welcome and congratulations!

I can only speak from 2+ years' worth of experience owning Model S (closing in on 50k miles, so this should give a hint of how much I like to drive it).

Re: charging: keep your car between 20-90% of charge and you will be fine. There's no scientific evidence that frequent supercharging is detrimental to battery health/life. Avoid charging to 100% and keeping the car at that state for extended period of time (occasional charging to 100% and consuming it it immediately is perfectly fine).

Re: storing the car: the concern is battery depletion due to low temperature and cold weather. Are you able to connect the car to 120V outlet? This will be enough to trickle charge and keep the battery healthy.

Re: FSD: Yes, Tesla is offering a promo every now and then, so if you are ok with EAP only (assuming you have it), it is your call if you want to take the leap of faith and buy FSD at next possibility, or wait till it becomes a reality (if/when).

Re: Scheduled maintenance: Tesla used to recommend certain maintenance schedule on an annual basis, but that was never mandatory (aka it would not void a warranty). At the very least you need to rotate the tires for even war & tear and change the cabin filters - you don't need Tesla for this (any qualified tire shop can do it). Many people change the filters by themselves, but you can ask Tesla for an a-la-carte service. It is as easy as scheduling from your phone.

Re: reliability: Depends on whom you ask, you will get different answers. Like with any man-made product, you might get an excellent, worry-free car, or have one ridden with "ghosts". In general though. While my car is relatively maintenance-free (other than MCU screen discoloration and initial squeaks that were taken care of under warranty), I am planning on buying an extended protection just in case some big ticket items fail on me (MCU, A/C or suspension).

Re: I would highly recommend to read the manual, it will make the owning of the car that much more headache-free. You are buying computer on wheels, after all :)
No, no, yes, yes, and yes.

I will add that if you have access to home charging it will be much more convenient. For detailed answers to all you questions, search this forum, you are not the first to ask.

They more you learn, the less you will worry, and the more you will enjoy your car.