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Model S (UK) - ordering, PCP & poor communication (delivery experience)

Discussion in 'Model S' started by nkightley, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. nkightley

    nkightley Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Just thought I'd write a post of my experience ordering my Model S.

    I order an MS 60D just before the cut off in mid April, but then (as the price was significantly reduced) upgraded it to a 75D (cost me an extra £1,500).
    A lot of calls back & forth between the sales rep & all was good, sorted all my issues/questions out.
    The price of the 75D had been reduced by £2,000, so my sales rep honoured that.
    All in all, I got a 75D for £500 less than I initially ordered my 60D for!

    At the time of ordering the PCP rate was 5.8%, but I had a email from Tesla within a few weeks saying they were offering a special PCP rate of 1.46% until the end of the month! I immediately rang my sales rep to as if I could get this rate, which, fortunately, he sorted out for me. Otherwise, it would have been worth my while to cancel my order, loose the £2,000 deposit & order again.

    All went quiet as my car was made & transported to Europe.

    I then had a call from a delivery specialist at the beginning of June to set a delivery date of 24th June.
    Also, at that time, had a very simple acceptance letter from the PCP company (no prices, etc).

    4 days until my delivery date & I emailed to check everything was OK?
    At that point, I was asked if I had paid the outstanding deposit (I'd opted to pay 30% upfront).
    I'd never been told this, but it has to be paid 3 days in advance of collection, so the finance team can verify the payment!

    I then had 3 days of stress, as they initially sent me a invoice for the full amount of the car! I kept having to email Telsa, they never emailed or phoned me to tell me what was going on (very poor)!

    Finally, 1 day before collection, I got the correct invoice, so paid it immediately. The delivery specialist I was then dealing with ask if I could send screenshots of my bank account to verify I'd paid it, which I did.

    I chased again on the morning of collection & finally got a 'yes' 2 hours before leaving to collect my Tesla.

    When I collected my car, the PCP had gone up by £4 p/m (not a lot, but annoying that I hadn't been told the monthly figure before collecting my car).

    The experience of collecting my new car was really exciting & the delivery specialist was first class.
    I explained the events of the last 4 days to him before taking collection of my car, so he was up to speed.

    I saw on the Tesla website, that cars order after 14th April now come with a type 2 - type 2 cable, as well as the UMC.
    I ordered before this date, but because of the events of the last 4 days, I was all ready for an argument to get this cable free of charge.
    But, no need, before I said anything, the delivery specialist got me the cable & said I've sorted this out for you!

    Excellent service & what I've come to expect from the months of reading about Telsa service.

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