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Model X 2022 plaid

I have been looking for a plaid model x with seven seats. I’ve asked a dealership and they said that the plaid model x’s only came with a seven seat option in 2022. I’ve looked all over the internet but I haven’t found a single one for sale. Are people just not selling them? Or was the dealership mistaken, and there are no plaid model x’s with seven seats? At this point I would take a Tesla model x plaid seven seater of any year and any color.
Yes thanks for the reply for 2023. But my understanding was 2022 should have had 7 seat option…

All Plaid Model X produced to date, whether 2022 or 2023, have 6 seat configurations. There are no 5-seat or 7-seat Plaid Model X.

If you want a 7 seat configuration Model X, it'll have to be a non-Plaid Model X (which you might see called "Model X" or "Long Range Model X").

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