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Model X Mule Tracking

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Is anyone interested in tracking the Mule Sightings by License Plate number? With some careful examination, we should be able to get a rough count of the total number of mules on the road. Each one has a unique license plate. 63277 is the Tesla Manufactuer ID, but the small vertically oriented letters are unique per vehicle. Shall we track them? I'll start.

B6H - Black Model X with external cameras and spolier, shot in Berkeley, July 21st
49E - Black Model X, May 4th, 101 by University Exit
Those MFR plates get swapped between vehicles. You could easily get a mis-count trying to use them to track. To be more sure, you would have to look for a VIN on the vehicle. Not possible from random camera photos at a distance.
Sometimes they put a car # in the back window like this: