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Model Y Standard Range, how many kms on a full charge? Battery loss?

I keep my Model 3 in Km not %. When we first got it (Nov 2018) it would charge to almost 396km. It steadily dropped since then; now in -10C weather it charges to 335km. In cold you will also get the snowflake symbol indicating battery is not able to output full power, and the warning braking regen is limited. But - as others point out, the km number is meaningless. First of all, if you live in the real Canada (as opposed to BC :) ) where temperatures can be quite low - in stop-and-go at -20C you can use up to 3km for each 1km driven. Even at -5C you will use about 2:1; it's not quite as bad with higher speed rather than stop-and-go. Remember, cabin heat is a time dependent use, not speed or distance. I took a road trip in +20C and with a good prairie headwind flat and level, used 1.4:1 into the wind, but 1:1 back, at 105kph.

For a Model Y with their fancy heat pump, likely the power consumption for climate will be less demanding.

Since I had a Tesla service call, I asked the technician about this. Unlike a tank full of liquid, there is no simple indicator for the battery charge level. The management computer guesses based on battery output. The best way to recalibrate is to drive the battery down as low as you dare, say 10% or so. Leave it unplugged like this for at least an hour before charging. Then charge it to your normal level -some people do 90%, I do 80%. After charging is complete, let it sit for at least an hour unplugged.

Also, if you start climate while the car is plugged in (i.e. at home before you depart) it will also be conditioning the battery to warm it up which will help with regen and battery output.