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Moisture / Foggy Headlights

While enjoying 2 weeks of my first EV experience, just observed this last night. Return from raining road to car park. Foggy in lower part of both left and right headlights. It vanished after ~30 mins. Is it normal? Never see it on my last <4 yrs old MB & Honda.
Anyone has the same thing on his/her MS in raining day?
Well known issue.

fogging headlights
Water condensation in tail light trim?
Moisture/condensation in headlights
Tesla still delivers cars with moisture in reverse light housing!

and those are just the first four with a quick google search for 'moisture headlights' on site:teslamotorsclub.com.
Thanks! seems still a common issue.
They said it is a design of the headlight assembly for heat sink purpose. But unsure why some MS have this issue but others don't. Marked for checking along with my next SC appointment to fix minor trunk alignment.
Experiencing the same issue and MS also advised a similar story. They also say the fog should go away if the main beams are on but haven't verified it yet. Also marked for checking when as my 70D needs to go back in to fix some paint blemishes.


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