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Hong Kong

  1. bons

    Outdoor charging setup during typhoon season?

    Hi just wondering for those who have car parks / charging stations set up outdoors whether there are any issues w charging during rain or especially during typhoon season etc. or need to take steps to shelter the charger/car like using a canopy system. Thanks all!
  2. J

    Charging spaces are occupied leggally by non-electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    That's why inadequate charging spaces in Hong Kong. Non-electric cars occupied most of charging spaces!!:mad:
  3. K

    Buying 17' wheels for X. Potentially trade for 22' Black turbine

    As the title says. Interested in a set of 17' wheels for my X. Can be a direct cash deal or a trade-in with my current 22' black onyx wheels. Let me know. Kenneth
  4. N

    Model X - Plugs on the back trunk loosening

    Is there some problem with my model x? The plug/screws on both left and right side of back trunk seems loosening and the plugs do not align centre.
  5. D

    Unauthorized use of my HPWC...

    I arrived home this morning to discover a Model X P100D parked in a space adjacent to mine, charging with my wall connector. My building is equipped with EV charging as well as other Teslas owners installing their own chargers. My initial reaction, "I feel violated...Why? Why? Why?" The...
  6. D

    This jerk still can get higher Amps after interrupts others charging?

    Jerk in Yoho Mall, Yuen Long!
  7. markwj

    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Dear Mrs Lam, I am sure that you are aware of the situation with the poor air quality in Hong Kong, and in particular our roadside air quality. This is affecting the quality of life of everyone in Hong Kong. It is impacting our health, and the competitiveness of HK in the region. According to...
  8. F

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package - Hong Kong

    Brand New Original Tesla 22" Onyx Black Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package for Model X HK$50000+ worth brand new. Now asking $38000. Installation not included. Will coordinate for self pickup at Tesla Service Center in Tsuen Wan. If interested please PM.
  9. F

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package - Hong Kong

    Brand New Original Tesla 22" Onyx Black Turbine Wheel and Pirelli Scorpion Tire Package for Model X HK$50000+ worth brand new. Now asking $38000. Installation not included. Will coordinate for self pickup at Tesla Service Center in Tsuen Wan. If interested please PM.
  10. G

    Better Way For HK Govt to do FRT

    There is a lot of controversy over the decision the government made on FRT on Electric Vehicles - they clawed this back on the argument on congestion. But I actually think the government should put new vehicles into different bands based on emmissions. The current FRT system works like this...
  11. B

    Fantastic Hong Kong Registration Mark on Offer

    Anyone interested to obtain the best car plate for your Tesla in Hong Kong? The plate is - MY TESLA Please give me your bid. The highest bidder will secure this exceptional and rare plate. Message me here or on +852 9133-9217
  12. D

    My Terrible Ordeal with AXA Insurance Renewal

    I recently had to renew AXA insurance on my 2015 MS 85D. Due to a variety of reasons which I won't dwell on, I was late to renew my insurance policy that expired last week. I contacted AXA to renew based on the notice they sent in late Nov, 2017. They said my old rate $9600 is no longer valid...
  13. kinho

    Model X RHD Front Floor Mats Available in HK

    For those of you who may be waiting for the RHD front floor mats, I have good news. Tesla has them in stock now @ HK$1460 for a pair. If you're interested, give the service center a call to make sure they have a set for you.
  14. K

    Changing or upgrading the battery from P90D toP100D

    is it possible to have my battery pack change from my P90D to P100D battery pack. I heard that 90 batteries will be discontinue soon. Does it mean I have to sell my 2 year old to a new one. In Hong Kong, we have to pay almost 100% tax on new car. I don’t like to waste my almost new car with less...
  15. O

    Resale Value Guarantee

    Has anyone exercised their RVG? It might still be a bit too early that none of it has kicked in for any of us.
  16. T.E.S.L.A

    Tyre Repair Shop - Internal Repair

    Can anyone recommend a good tyre repair shop in Hong Kong? Not just the typical tubeless plug repair, but a shop that does proper repair from the inside of the tyre with an internal patch.
  17. W

    Simple Scratch Repair Advice

    Hi, Have a few small scratches on the front right of my Model S, any advice on how to do this repair myself? To remove the red and black paint caused by the scratch, I was thinking of using gasoline which is a trick I learned from the Queensway repair shop. There is also an area where the...
  18. P

    Battery % Loss while Parked

    Recently my MS seems to lose more battery % than before. I already turned on Energy Saving, but still the battery dropped from 29% to 23% (about 24km loss in range) while parked for 20 hours. Called Tesla Support and said was normal :confused: Is it really normal?
  19. E

    Tesla surprise-unveiled its new roadster at its semi truck unveiling event...

    apologies for posting it in local HK forum, some of us may not see it otherwise Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils a surprise new car: A ridiculously fast Roadster i have zero taste in car aesthetics so i'll leave the sujective praise up to others. here're some numbers! 2+2 seats 200 kwh battery...
  20. W

    EV drivers protest

    From Apple Daily today 車主下月慢駛遊行 抗議電動車欠支援 | 蘋果日報 | 要聞港聞 | 20171113 Slow drive protest organized by 香港電動車協會 (Electrify Hong Kong?) and perhaps involving Ted Hui Chi-fung, the LegCo Councillor from the Democratic Party, instead of our old friend Charles Mok. Anyone interested to join? I am...
  21. P

    "Software" performance upgrade of Model S and X (75D and 100D; but not 90D!!!)

    Hi, I have noted that there is amazing upgrade to non-P but stunning performance. but the upgrade only applies to 75D and 100D so far. I really hope the upgrade will be extended to 90D as well! I have called the HK service centre but unfortunately they know nothing about the entire upgrade...
  22. A

    Kennedy Town Service Centre

    I saw that Kennedy Town has a Tesla service center now. Tesla’s website doesn’t show this yet so maybe a new development. Would be great for me as I’ll save $130 in tunnel fees if I have to take the car in. Looks quite small but a good sign that Tesla still invests in HK post FRT changes.
  23. C

    Disabled TACC after updated 2017.40 and even 2017.42

    Anybody using model X experienced problem with TACC after the recent update ? It becomes so unreliable and sometimes can't display the lane, the speed limit, the grey speed meter next to the speedometer, the cars in front.... just like blinded... Usually happens after sometimes of driving, worse...
  24. A

    Tesla HK Service Center Can do the Performance Upgrade Now

    I just called Tesla HK today and they confirm me my 75D (2017 Jan built) is eligible the performance upgrade and have make appointment for that already. Tesla is unlocking extra power in older Model S and X 75D vehicles – cutting a second off 0-60 mph acceleration Tesla is unlocking extra...
  25. N

    Spotify problem - cannot log in as Tesla user after recent Tesla software upgrade

    After the recent Tesla Software Upgrade, i am unable to log in to Spotify when choosing to log in as Tesla user. Anyone experience the same problem ?
  26. F

    Borrow Tesla charger in Tai Mei Tuk

    Hey guys I know this will sound extremely stupid, but I just moved house and I was a bit ambitious and now Im left with 8 km on my car which is not enough to go to Science Park for the charge... And my own charger is not yet being installed until next week. Therefor I wanted to ask if any...
  27. kinho

    Auto-fold Mirror suddenly stopped folding today.

    Ok, so there wasn't an OTA update last night, and I didn't do anything different. But noticed the mirrors of my MX didn't fold when locked this morning. Reset MCU, nothing. Tried to manually fold, no can do. Read on forums that many people experienced this after the running the Xmas light show...
  28. F

    Brand New 22" Silver Turbine or 22" Onyx Black Wheels available for Sale

    As titled. Brand New 22" Silver Turbine/22" Onyx Black WITH Brand New performance tires available for sale. Asking $40000.
  29. araxara

    Hong Kong government investigated over planning for electric car roll-out

    The Ombudsman has launched an investigation into whether the government could have planned better for the spread of electric cars, as the number of charging ports has nowhere near kept pace with the number of the cars on the city’s roads. HK government investigated over planning for electric...
  30. E

    Tire replacements

    the 19" tires on my model S are on their last leg now, and i'm looking for replacement - i'm reluctant to get them replaced by tesla hk since it's not necessary. has anyone got recommendations of a shop/ types of tires? i've read about certain tires made with some sort of fabric inside to...
  31. S

    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    Hi, I am relocating to the UK from Hong Kong and would like to take my Tesla with me - does anyone have any experience of doing this? Questions I have are: Is a Hong Kong Tesla compatible with UK charging? Is the warranty valid or void? I have submitted an enquiry to Tesla via "My Tesla"...
  32. T.E.S.L.A

    Front Trunk unable to open - Model X Safety concern

    My model X Frunk is unable to open. The car is only 6 months old. It pops up, but stays latched. It is NOT in valet mode and I have even tried the emergency open rapid response toggles but also only pops open and stays latched. There is no way I can get the frunk to open up, other than popping...
  33. I

    Tesla Air Conditioning

    Had anyone experienced the follows (I've booked to be checked up next month when I'm out of town, but anyways) on a 1-2 yrs MS. 1) Ventilation is open between level 5 and like 10 (I thought they updated the software so its open =<4). I normally like to run the AC at 6-7 but in and near tunnels...
  34. E

    NTI vs Keeper Pro Coating

    Hello all, Has anyone tried these coating and provide information as to if they are worth it? See the diamond cost to be about the same but not sure if the coating would really provide any protection for the paint. Thank you
  35. R

    Experience with new software upgrade?

    Received new software upgrade notification today. Anyone installed it? What are your thoughts?
  36. W

    Custom Stickers Online Shop?

    I'd like to customize my Model S a bit on the back and side, are there online shops here in HK or those that delivery to HK at a reasonable charge? I've heard that the larger stickers are difficult to apply but I'm just after the small ones which I can put on myself. Any help appreciated, if no...
  37. frangus6

    Auto lowering Smart Air Suspension

    Do you guys turn on automatic lowering on your S/X? If so at what speed?
  38. T.E.S.L.A

    Warning - Model X Locking itself with key inside

    Just a heads-up for everyone, possibly a software update bug. My model X just recently locked me out of the car. I stopped in line to wait for a supercharger and stepped out of the car briefly to throw something in a rubbish bin. My keys and phone were in the car and it locked itself as I...
  39. A

    Bioweapon defense mode to the rescue this wee

    Since I have a young child, I'm completely paranoid about air pollution. As those of you in HK can attest to, the air was really bad this weekend. AQI of 150+ is unhealthy for anyone. I have a small air quality meter and can now confirm that the bioweapon defense mode takes the in car air...
  40. G

    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    this gives time for the idiots at HK gov to reverse their FRT decision
  41. A

    Car wash bucket

    This is a stupid question but does anyone know where I can buy buckets for car washing? My mop bucket isn't big enough at the bottom to put my grit guard in. Thanks!
  42. A

    Shop Recommendation for Aftermarket Audio Upgrade

    I am looking for aftermarket audio upgrade (MS without audio option). Is there any recommendation? Shop that is good for Tesla audio upgrading? I prefer switching the 4 door speakers with a powered sub-woofer. Any suggestion. My budget is around HK$ 20-25K.
  43. G

    Will the crony HK Gov reverse idiotic FRT decision?

    Thoughts guys, given we know now the idiots have killed off EV sales with their fossil car backed policy, will they feel shame/egg on face when governments support EV takeoffs in the other major financial centers and in China following model 3 launch?
  44. S

    Accessories Hitch/tow option + bike rach

    Hi Anyone in hk installed bike rack on MX using the accessories hitch/tow option. pls share photo and rack model as possible tks
  45. markwj

    Hong Kong Roadster Reunion

    The Tesla Roadster has been in Hong Kong for 7 years now. Estimates of 30 to 40 cars, and the majority of RHD cars produced came here. I've had my roadster, as my daily driver, since 2011. I though that it might be fun to organise a Roadster Reunion in Hong Kong, later this year. Meet up with...
  46. S

    Tesla ready Villa for Rent on Lantau

    A beautiful villa in a fantastic gated community! 10 min walk to Cheung Sha beach, 45 min drive to Central 4 Bedroom + office 1300 sq/ft + Rooftop and Garden Ensuite & Walk in Closet off the master bedroom Swimming Pool in the complex Electric Vehicle Car Park 3KW Solar PV system to reduce your...
  47. X

    Selling brand new wall connector

    Hi, selling a brand new PH1 40amp wall connector, still in box. please pm if interested.
  48. T

    EVs help alleviate traffic congestion??

    On the way to work this morning I was thinking how because of savings on fuel, I didn't mind taking the longer route through Tai Po Road (through Kam Shan country park) instead of taking Eagles Nest or Shing Mun Tunnel. Sometimes going to Kowloon Tong I would also take that instead of using...
  49. R

    New Supercharger planned for 2017/2018

    Anyone know Hong Kong's New Supercharger planned for 2017/2018?
  50. kinho

    Model X Key Box (with keychain) available now!

    For those of you who took delivery of your Model X without getting the "X" box (w/keychain), it's available now for free behind the showroom in Tsuen Wan where you took delivery of you car. Go get yours now! (Yeah it's not fingerprint friendly but is still a good looking box for your spare key...