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MS decelerates automatically on slip road!

Just recently I've experienced my 2015 MS slowing automatically when signally left (in UK) and turning off a dual carriageway. I disengage autopilot but leave TACC engaged and about 100 yards from the turnoff it starts to decelerate and continues decelerating, at a very reasonable rate, down the slip road. It doesn't quite stop at the roundabout but gets down to about 30mph. No traffic in front. It's happened twice at the same slip road now so seems consistent. It never did that before. I'm impressed! Don't think it works anywhere else yet though. Have I missed a thread/new feature? Is this the deep learning thing improving?

On a slightly different note, just recently (last update?) very occasionally the car is failing to fully accelerate to TACC set speed, generally 70mph and when pulling out to overtake a slower vehicle. It's not the normal hesitation until well clear of the vehicle in front. It happens at about 65mph, having just pulled out onto a dual carriageway but lspeed limited by a car in front, and after pulling out to overtake it doesn't accelerate, needing a tap on the accelerator to break out, then it gets up to set speed.

interesting times!