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Vendor MUM SPORTS - Modification, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, etc...

Hello Fellow Tesla Motor Club Members!

About Us:
We have been customizing and protecting vehicles for over 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and know what quality work is. Our services are available on any make and model but let's say we know our ways around Tesla’s. We have been a forum sponsor for a few years now and would like to better offer our services.

There are many businesses like ours in the market that offer similar services and we understand this. We pride ourselves in offering quality work at a competitive price and want to ensure each customer leaves satisfied with the service they receive. We guarantee and warranty all of our work.

With all of this said, we would like to reach out to more enthusiasts and offer our services. We are enthusiasts ourselves and love chatting with fellow enthusiasts. If anyone has any questions or wants to chat about possible projects please feel free to reach out via DM or directly on this post. Below I will post the following: Services Offered, Completed Project Pictures, Short Installation Videos, and Our Contact Info.

Services Offered:

Custom Cut Paint Protection Film (PPF)

- Xpel Stealth:
This is a Non-Gloss PPF film that offers a slight matte finish.
- Xpel Ultimate Plus: This is a High-Gloss PPF film that will enhance a paints gloss finish
- Full Front Package: Full Hood, Fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Side Mirrors, Door Cups and Edges, Rear Luggage Area
- Partial Front Package: ⅓ Hood and Fenders, Full Bumper, Headlights Side Mirrors, Door Cups and Edges
- All Around Package: All Painted Surfaces

Chrome Delete (3M):

- Full Chrome Delete (Any Color)

Custom Cut Vehicle Wraps (3M Film):

- Full Color Change - Partial Wraps (Roofs, Side Skirts, Etc)

Ceramic Pro 9H Nano Coating:

- Bronze Package:
1 Layer Top Coat -
- Silver Package: 1 Layers of 9H Coating, 1 Layer Top Coat
- Mum’s Package: 3 Layers of 9H Coating, 1 Layer Top Coat
- Gold Package: 4 Layers of 9H Coating, 1 Layer Top Coat

Wheel Services:

- Curb Repair
- Full Color Change (Powder Coating)

Caliper Services:

- Full Caliper Color Change (Painting): This can be any color of your choice! All we need is a paint code or paint sample!

Window Tinting:

- Suntek CIR (Ceramic Film)
- Suntek CXP (Non-Ceramic Film)

Short Installation Videos:

Our Contact Info:

Please feel free to check us out on our social media platforms where we post new projects and updates frequently!


Completed Project:

2016 Tesla Model S
  • Full Frontal Xpel Ultimate PPF (Paint Protection Film)
  • Full Car Ceramic Pro Gold Package
  • Full Chrome Delete
  • Gloss Black Wheel Powder Coating
  • Window Tinting
  • Porsche Red Caliper Paint
  • Red Painted Tesla Emblems

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